current exhibitions & news:

upcoming exhibitions:

vanitas, klompching gallery, brooklyn, ny

works by jeanette may and kimberly witham

May 4 - July 30, 2017

us being u.s., gallery 19, chicago, il

works by wendy chidester, ben steele and  kimberly witham

june 2 - july 29, 2017

gallery representation: 

klompching gallery in brooklyn

  1. gallery kayafas in boston

  2. soren christensen gallery in new orleans

i was named one of five recipients of the feature shoot emerging photography award for 2016!

i received an honorable mention for the clarence john laughlin award given by the new orleans photo alliance in 2015.  thanks to juror carol mccusker for the recognition of my work. 

recent press:

a short documentary on my studio practice was featured on national geographic online

an interview and images on MUSEUM magazine

my work has been included in the art photographers index:

an interview along with images from domestic arrangements, transcendence and deertown is featured on rachel poliquin’s website about all things taxidermy and natural history.

“Death and denial are what make Kimberly Witham’s beautiful still-lifes serious. . . These C-prints of road kill in decorative settings hark to the Vanitas tradition and William Harnett’s dead-critter still-lifes all gussied up with Ann Craven-like wallpaper paintings. The fiercest of Witham’s photos, Still Life with Steak and Fox, conflates beauty with bestiality, the red meat a perverse splash of delicious red caught on a hook!”

-libby rosof 

libby rosof’s review of construct on the art blog

“The beautifully rendered still life photographs are so bitter sweet, we get to look at beautiful creatures living on after death in a work of art, an exquisite corpse of a different kind.  Witham’s photographs drew a crowd of people who stood and stared a long time; the mixture of repulsion and fascination, ugly and beautiful, cheery and morbid strums a tender nerve.  And the concept that raw steak is not just the color of cabbage roses but can be sexually Dali-nian is genius.”

-don brewer

don brewer’s review of construct on don art news

review of construct at the icebox in the philadelphia inquirer


orion magazine, jan-feb 2017 issue - images from deertown accompany leath tonino’s “the doe’s song”

blink (south korea)

issue 44 - summer 2015

images from on ripeness in rot as part of a feature on “fresh” at klomp ching gallery, brooklyn

blow photo magazine (ireland)

issue 9 - animals

images from wunderkammer

photo + magazine (south korea), issue 5 - may 2013

profile & interview with images from domestic arrangements

pages 34-39

color magazine, issue 9, september 2010

profile feature written by shawn o’sullivan, pages 72-81

featuring images from transcendence & deertown

on news stands now! for more info

specimen:  representing the natural world

artists:  catherine chalmers, keith cottingham, dorothy cross, julie dermansky, jordan eagles, seth goodwin, damien hirst, mike libby, laura mcclanahan, julia randall, christopher russell, laura splan, kimberly witham, dustin yellin

authors:  anonda bell, eugene kaplan & peter singer

to order a copy click here

other information & links:

A review of my transcendence exhibition and roger kizik’s retrospective at the new bedford art museum was recently published in the new bedford standard times. 

•link to the standard times review

“foul play” from the deertown series was on display at the jersey city museum as part of the SPRAWL exhibition. 

link to the jersey city museum

link to the star ledger review of SPRAWL

book covers:

• still life with warbler and lemon

has been published as the front cover

to the french translation of

the murder stones by louise penny.

defense de tuer was released by

actes-sud in may.

  1. still life with woodpecker and scissors

is featured on the cover of

begin empty-handed by gail martin.

the book is published by perugia press.

  1. nuthatch and soap dish will be featured

on the cover of american afterlife by julia sweeney

university of georgia press, 2014


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